Eric Bosse

On a cold day in spring, we sat on a rock wall by the creek.

Remember that paper shop in Pisa? she asked.

Oh yes, I said. The stationery, it was beautiful.

Magical, she said, and buttery. Hey, I don’t know if you remember this or even noticed it, but from the moment we stepped out of that shop the world felt different, as if God or aliens had replaced the Leaning Tower and the baptistery and everything else, everywhere, with duplicates. We walked to that little restaurant in a palace with those huge mushrooms and sacks of corn meal stacked by the door. I felt so hungry, and not just for food.

For what else? I asked.

For how things had been, she said. You know, before we went into the paper shop.

I nodded. She was right. I might not have felt it at the precise moment she did, but there was no going back.

So, she said, I think we should go through with this.

Yes, I told her. I think so.

The divorce papers came through the day of winter’s first snow. I went back to that rock wall and hurled the ring into the creek. Later, when I came home from New Mexico without a penny, I wished I could find the ring and pawn it. Such a fine piece of jewelry. It was made of platinum.

Eric Bosse’s debut collection, Magnificent Mistakes, is due out this winter. He has recently published stories in Wigleaf, The Collagist, and Night Train. He teaches writing at the University of Oklahoma and lives in Norman with his wife, kids, dog, and fish.

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