March 31, 2011

Welcome to Corium Magazine’s first anniversary issue!

In March of last year, I went insane and started a literary journal with a strange name shared (unknown to me at the time) by an alt post grunge band from Moscow, a club for past and present students of the British School of Leather Technology, various skin products, and some kind of venue for men who enjoy wearing leather and those who love men who enjoy wearing leather. I saw some pictures. We should all look that good in leather.

This issue is amazing. They’ve all been. Many, many thanks to Corium contributors, submitters, readers, and people who have helped along the way. I must thank Heather Fowler, Poetry Editor, and Sal Pane, Short Fiction Editor, for their support and excellent editorial skills. I’ve had some other invaluable help along the way, from friends who have provided me with art and photography, including James Roninger and Peter Gorwin, and kind people who have helped me with the dreaded technology part of this effort, including the wonderful Jeannine Klein, Webmistress for Litquake, who donated time to work with me on the site. There are many more, and I apologize for thanking them collectively.

As I said, Issue Five is quite extraordinary. Several valued contributors from Issue One are back, including Rusty Barnes, Shaindel Beers, Andrea Kneeland, Sean Lovelace, and Donna D. Vitucci. There are other familiar names and some not so familiar. I hope you discover someone new. I hope you fall in love with a story. I hope something gets under your skin and stays with you.

Thank you so much for reading and otherwise supporting Corium Magazine. It’s been a pleasure.

Lauren Becker
Corium Magazine