Sire Lines of America — Adam Peterson the 6th
Adam Peterson

Adam Peterson told Americans to rise up, but nobody knew what to do with that except to start dancing. It went to #1 on the charts. Everyone was downloading the song and mashing it up with other songs, other countries, other birds. Adam Peterson understood none of this. He was trying to show how much he cared about freedom and equality and revolution. Are you ignoring our problems? Adam Peterson asked. And why won’t you stop kissing? But Adam Peterson already knew how to reach the youth. That’s why when he’d said, Rise up, he’d screamed it into a microphone while throwing out glow sticks. His shirt was off. He was spinning records. Everyone was dancing. He was kissing someone. What is it about this that they hadn’t understood? How is it they all loved freedom so much more than freedom? When Adam Peterson thought about it as an old man, he didn’t remember much of his time as a revolutionary. He only remembered how the things he used to love now made his hands move to cover his heart.

Adam Peterson’s bio appears with his story, Sire Lines of America — Adam Peterson the 5th.