Cold and Flu Season
William J. Fedigan

Healey doesn’t know Jimmy’s high. Healey gives Jimmy gun.
Jimmy’s heart bangs. Crazy bird flies in Jimmy’s head.

-It’s cold and flu season, Jimmy, lotta people sick, Healey says.
-Where do you want me to go? Jimmy asks.
-Same as before, Healey says.
Healey’s small time scumbag. Thinks he isn’t. Jimmy’s small time scumbag, knows it.
Jimmy looks at gun. Heart bangs, stomach flips. Crazy bird flies.

-Get it all, all of it, Jimmy. Lotta people sick, Healey says.
Jimmy holds gun. Gun heavy, too heavy. Stomach flips.
-Just point it like a finger, Jimmy, you know, like a finger. OK?
Crazy bird flaps wings, dust flies. Jimmy sneezes.
-Sure. OK, Jimmy says.
Lightbulbs in head pop pop. Gun heavy, too heavy. Heart bangs.
Stomach flips. Crazy bird shits on Jimmy’s head. Jimmy’s gonna puke.
-Lotta people sick, Jimmy. Get it all, all of it, Healey says.

Jimmy walks in store, up to counter. Lightbulbs in head pop pop pop. Heart bangs, stomach flips. Crazy bird’s feathers in Jimmy’s mouth. Jimmy tells Man behind counter he wants it all, all of it.
-All of what? Man asks. I can’t understand you.
Jimmy takes out gun. Gun heavy, too heavy. Just point like finger.
-I don’t know what you want. Please, tell me what you want.
Wings flap in Jimmy’s brain.
-Robo. I want the robo shit. Robo… DMX, whatever, want it all, all of it, Jimmy says.
-What? I don’t know what you want.
Wings scratch Jimmy’s brain.
-The shit behind the counter…cough shit, cold shit, cough syrup.

I want it all, all of it.

Jimmy points like finger. Finger shakes. Heart bangs. Crazy bird flies circles.

Stomach flips once, twice. Jimmy pukes. Drops gun. Next thing, Man swings bat. Hits Jimmy’s head like baseball. Blood on floor, on gun, on bird. Bird screams.
Jimmy coughs up blood.
-Lotta people sick, Crazy bird tells Jimmy.
Jimmy closes eyes. Heart stops banging.
-Cold and flu season, Jimmy tells crazy bird. It’s cold and flu season.

William Fedigan’s most recent work appeared in Kerouac’s Dog, Black Heart Magazine, Heavy Hands Ink, Warwick, The Writing Disorder, WEIRDYEAR, and Burning Wood. He can be contacted at