Gregory Gunn

You prop the bicycle
against a diminutive tree,
scale a steep slope,
discover an ancient road
left abandoned, its field
and goldenrod droning
to the covering undergrowth influential.

A road one time classified
for automobiles kicking up
gravel and dirt, vacating
the city. Nowadays a lane
unkempt as your hair
when you awake, course
burgeoning over.

You value the wild violets
clinging to plumed
sheep’s fescue below
the sizeable sycamore

thinking variegated yellowbrown for autumn.
It’s where you glimpse
a future as a sexagenarian

creating a genuine landscape
beyond decaying wooden
planks in the trestle bridge

still spanning the rivulet.

Gregory Gunn has had poems published in Inscribed Magazine, Green’s Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, and elsewhere. Also published are five collections of his selected poetry.