Keith Moul

A man came to my door
with news of joy in the neighborhood:
marriage to the west, birth to the east.

Harbingers had been known and especially good:
the marriage pressed through all contingencies;
the birth, although achieved, was hard.

The families have reappeared in the fields,
in the streets of the towns, repentant and pleased.
Celebration has been especially joyous for the faithful.

Such is the collective fear of alien ideas
that security forces have emerged theatrical,
as if friends of the bride just doing their jobs:
investigations have been aimed at merchants,
particularly those selling wedding gifts and baby clothes,

and, only through inference by some,
at our wider community.

Keith Moul’s poems have been published widely for more than 40 years, his photos more recently. In the past two years he has published more than 200 poems and photos in more than 100 magazines. Blue & Yellow Dog Press released his chapbook The Grammar of Mind in November 2010.