Still They Hear What They Want To Hear
Kathy Fish

A man and a woman talk in a bar.
A man and a woman talk while eating pudding.
A man and a woman talk about trivial matters with underlying sexual tension.
A man and a woman examine newspaper clippings.
And talk about their gigantic, oozing pasts.
She must be young and pretty, but kind of a slut.
He must be somewhat mysterious or dark or torn.
They must love themselves and each other.
But they are kind of lazy.
No, they are really lazy.
A man and a woman talk on a mattress.
A man and a woman talk while lighting matches and flicking them at one another.
A man and a woman talk talk talk in a diner.
A man and a woman have their first conversation.
And talk about an unknowable universe.
She says, “Why…”
He says, “Sweet Potato…”
They are given to sudden realizations.
Still, they talk, regarding the laces of their shoes.

Kathy Fish’s short stories and flash fictions are published or forthcoming in┬áIndiana┬áReview, Mississippi Review, Denver Quarterly, New South and Quick Fiction. She served as the Guest Editor for Dzanc Books’ 2010 Best of the Web anthology. Her work is included in the collection A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women, available from Rose Metal Press.