the abyss ii
Cynthia Reeser

i’m tracing pain in the space around
where you were, in the hot tangible
absence of your smile. here,
the place where we began.

fourteen hundred miles from me,
you’re drinking pain, volatile
on the rocks, a splash of dark rum
and a bitter, a breath, a lie
to wash it down.

in you i see a descent,
some kind of ardor,
some kind of dark indecent, turning,
winged thing,
interminably removed from light.

this ache casts a shadow like your silhouette.
each breath i inhale is you,
a swallow, a pendulum, a dance.

how absence becomes a penance,
becomes how you exist for me.

Cynthia Reeser is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Prick of the Spindle and Publisher of Aqueous Books. Her poetry, fiction, reviews, visual art and articles can be found in a variety of print and online sources. Her books include Light and Trials of Light (Finishing Line Press, 2010), a nonfiction book on publishing for children from Atlantic Publishing, which was a finalist in its category in the 2010 Indie Book Awards, and a book on publishing for the Kindle (Atlantic Publishing). Her visual art and a full curriculum vitae can be found here.