Jaime Netzer

When you are lying on your back atop the manufactured elevation of a plastic lounge chair, you might feel as if you’re worth whatever effort its design and assembly required. You might wonder how many people are responsible for this comfort you’re enjoying, and how many machines. You might shut your eyes as the clouds leave the sun, feeling your front side warm even as a breeze pushes up through the slats at the back of your neck. This air, you think, is at a temperature much like that of the breath pushed between your mother’s lips and onto your fevered skin when you were a girl, as she held your hair and you vomited into her very clean toilet. She comforted you, yes, but so did the porcelain.

Jaime Netzer’s work has appeared in Twelve Stories and After Image. She is currently living in Smithville, Texas as the L.D. and LaVerne Harrell Clark Writer-in-Residence. She holds an MFA from Texas State University, where she served as the non-fiction editor for Front Porch Literary Journal.