Anthony Opal

a paper airplane made of fractals is
thrown into the jungle or at least that’s
how it feels to be the jungle I mean
a self-injection of Etanercept
into either “the thigh or the stomach”
is what the nurse said “but first make sure
to check the syringe is clear and does not
look like a snow globe” so I suppose
this means that no snow is allowed in the
jungle that it wouldn’t function there that
it wouldn’t accumulate on the jungle
floor or the jungle vines or the jungle
animals (who would surely die) and so I
warm it up and sterilize the spot twice

Anthony Opal lives in Chicago, where he is an MFA candidate at Northwestern University. His poems, prose, and translations have appeared in various magazines and journals, including Boston Review, TriQuarterly, Notre Dame Review, and New Madrid. He is founding editor of The Economy. To read more, visit Anthony here.