Two Poems by Sina Evans

struck by colorblindness @ noon

Red and royal
blue like blisters seared into
fleshybacked tessellated
fishes you once slipped one

handed into your knapsack
stolen as it was from a bench
at the back of le cirque bleu
du Palais de Paris. You and

your yellow shirt, the one with
plaid patch pockets and lace cur
tins fingered at sharpened edges
where fingerprints should have ling

grrrrr’d back at beasts unseen
behind stands of, of bam
boozled hussies slinkshrinking
away from sunburnt windows.

Comment dit-on, um
pathometricalities, predilec
tations exploraging the salted
women transcendancingly
down the spiral stares.

Let the pinking begin!

How pink my pink slippered pink
slippering pink slippery slipped pink
putty slutty slip slipping pink, the pink of it all,
all pink and pinker and pinkest pink
the pink of it, of all of it, pink.

Sina Evans is an emerging artist/poet who explores the intersection where the visual and language arts collide. Equally at home with pen or camera in hand, Sina often blends both in crafting a story. If you run into her, it’s a good bet you’ll find some paint chips in her handbag. Sina and her dog Specks currently call Tucson, Arizona home.