Gregory Gunn

Presently in lifelines of my palms,
a pellicle of symmetrical star-shine
decants through my fingertips,
transfers to your fluttering hair in
rhythmic spiralling patterns, pirouetting
into galactic parsecs of your eyes;
a silent alienation, in organised chaos.

My eyelids lower as my mouth kisses
Cicero-like smiles into even those deepest
nights of your atavistic felicity.
You peer past my boundaries, achieve
escape velocity, rocket beyond logic
in order to orbit the supernumerary planet
of visionary dreams, complete with its
full moon promises and musky aromas
filling the matrix of atmospheric memories.

The hallucinogenic, madrigal splendour
of sweet leaf, an oneiric delirium dispersed
on its smoky release on the Summer breeze.
Fear not, for all fruit can be eaten without
any vengeful repercussions. Skeletal Love verses
erect a thorny hedgerow surrounding
our version of Eden keeping dragons & serpents
at bay outside of its protective perimeter.

There’s a heraldry in all unseen, a crystalline
stream whereby we dream, spring forth.

Gregory Gunn has had poems published in Inscribed Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, Yes, Poetry and elsewhere. Also published are six full collections of his selected poetry.