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Myfanwy Collins

My ex-therapist gave me a rosebush. White. For friendship, she said. I planted it in the corner of the garden, by the fence, and it died.

She lived in a high rise. We often met in the rec room. She spent a lot of time telling me about what a bitch her mother was. Later, I helped her set up a web site for selling her new handbag collection. She stood behind my shoulder, watching, asking questions. How are you doing that? And that? She stood too close and I held my breath.

You will be okay.

I saw her from a distance in Back Bay once. She wore a poncho and fed the birds from a plastic bag. Her mouth moved and as I got closer I heard that she was cooing to the pigeons.

Back home I visited her web site but every page said, “Under Construction.” Our Products: under construction. Contact us: under construction. Directions: under construction.

On the about page, there was her photo and my dummy text: Lorem Ipsum.
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Myfanwy Collins is the author of Echolocation (Engine Books), I Am Holding Your Hand ([PANK] Books), and The Book of Laney (forthcoming from Lacewing Books). For more information, please visit her here.