A Passage to Indiana
Scott Garson

I don’t know that I’m able
To right myself
But my statements at least
Are secure.

I could state them all day.

I saw this one dog.

Like that.

He was sick and he lay
By a loose coil of rope
On the up-tipped deck of a ship.

And just think
Of that sky:
Too big and too fast in your eyes
To apprise of its evident weather.

Like what’s going on?

Who the fuck
Is in charge in this place?

Said the man.

Don’t get all impatient
With me; I’m just doing
This one kind of deed.

Ostensible daydream.

Have any of you been on a ship?
Let me see hands.

So yeah—a large day.
With a wind and
Fill in the blanks.

It’s all you
If you’re going to be technical.

Should not have so bad
Of a name.

Said the man.

I can do just one thing
At this point
And that is try
And close my eyes to how
This is going to end.

Scott Garson’s collection of stories–IS THAT YOU, JOHN WAYNE?–is just out from Queen’s Ferry Press.