If I Were a Jackknife
Laura E. Davis

I’d have a slipjoint.
Put just the right pressure
on my back & I’d bend. The world
would be less circular, less filled
with old hymns. People could look through
the space my head took up in front of them
in the movie theater. But you wouldn’t
pin me against the back wall
credits rolling, hands on my ribs.
No ribs left. Just that slipjoint. My blade
would always be big enough
to fit back into my own handle.
I wouldn’t say this. I’d have
an awl or a can opener & I’d bend
half-wise, away from other sharp things.
That much would stay the same.

Laura E. Davis is the author of Braiding the Storm (Finishing Line Press, 2012). Her poems have appeared in Crab Creek Review, Super Arrow, and Redactions, among others, and she has never worn Crocs. The founding editor of Weave Magazine, she teaches poetry writing, translation, and recitation in San Francisco, where she lives with her partner, Sal.