Two Poems by Joshua Young

Amateur Night

today is not the day for this.
we agree, the room smells of butterscotch
& spearmint. depending on the dream,
this could probably be disproved.
pink letters, paper cuts, raccoon
eyes of evening, fistfuls of dirt,
coffee-breath, that transit-slide of spring,
& i am too drunk for this.
who’s gonna do the dishes on tuesday?


i don’t know nebraska—
all that grass to walk through.
but what’s with the soft glow?
there are extremists lying
in the field, & self-righteousness
up to the rafters. pew-violence
draws no blood. it hatches
plans, what words can you
carve into stained glass?

Joshua Young is the author THE HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (Plays Inverse Press), and three other collections. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Gulf Coast, Puerto del Sol, Salt Hill, Third Coast, Nightblock, Vinyl, Fugue, and The Laurel Review, among others. He is Associate Director of Poetry & Nonfiction at Columbia College Chicago.