The movie I would like to see
Jon Rosen


The movie I would like to see
would take place entirely at night
on the streets of a small town and
on the bank of a river.
It would star a woman named Rose
with a pale face and a dark, complicated heart
swimming with sorrowful songs.
There would be a man, too,
who would wear a hat and carry a cane, and
they would meet and walk silently
down to the river. When they got there,
Rose would open her mouth as if to speak
but nothing would come out
and the man would nod and point
at the swiftly moving current.
Then he would take off his hat and
set it to her chest and a
small piano would fall from her breast, into it.
He would set the piano on the
riverbank and when he touched the keys
the wild and slender fish would leap up
and twist and glitter in the air.


bronze-rose-1406481-sJon Rosen has published short fiction in various journals including PANK and FRIGG. Bloomsbury published a book of his illustrations in 2004.