The Air Sharks
Becca Borawski Jenkins

The air sharks come out at night along with the insects. Their fin wings jetting in and out, forming triangles, then missiles. Triangles. Missiles. They vector around the sky in an impossible air show. G-forces no human could withstand. Rolls, barrel rolls, a half-Cuban eight. Look there, a Pugachev’s cobra.

The squadron of air sharks dispatches everything in its path, leaving only us in the wake of mosquito-free air. We raise our glasses and laugh. Not minding that the cellar is nearly empty and the gas has long run out.

Becca Borawski Jenkins is a writer and editor. She holds an MFA in Cinema-Television Production from USC. She and her husband live in the mobile house they built by hand, currently reside somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, and are on what they project to be a twenty-year migration to Maine.