Dear Readers:

First, please accept my apologies for not publishing Spring and Summer issues. Given health and staffing issues, I found myself unable to keep up with Corium. I owe huge thanks to Guest Poetry Editor Ryan W. Bradley and to intern Hanisha Harjani for helping me to get back on track.

That said, I am thrilled to announce that Ryan’s guest editorship will become permanent with the next issue! I am equally thrilled to announce that the very talented Kim Magowan (who has a story in this issue) will be joining Corium as Fiction Editor. I am saddened to report that Hanisha, who has been a huge asset to Corium, is moving on to focus on her studies full-time. I will miss her beyond words and thank her for her hard work and talent.

I hope that you are as blown away with this issue as I am! Ryan chose some fantastic poetry, and the fiction is incredible, as always. Of course, I am biased in this regard.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the wonderful work that we are so honored to publish. Our readers and contributors keep us going in this labor of love.


Lauren Becker